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Sonar the Surge by B. Truly - Excerpt and Giveaway

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Eclipsed by darkness, the Romelands must face the ultimate quest. If they are forced toward the umbra peak, they will be completely obscured.

Symone struggles with her most challenging battles … the conflict within herself. Losing loved ones steals part of her soul. Despair has created a gaping hole where her heart should be. Symone doesn’t even recognize herself. She has to determine if this is the person she’s turned into, or if it is who she has always been.

Nile is an attractive aristocrat whose charm and arrogance drives Symone insane. Beyond Symone’s control, Nile is spun into her life. But she’s not sure if she can have a relationship with him or where that could lead her. Embracing love could make her whole again, but it may also destroy her. Symone must travel through the opaque light in order to find where her destiny lies.

Symone’s family, Shiray and Syira, continue to fight in the feuds of their galaxy. Together they have to find the balance between compassion and sacrifice. Kadanans are being held captive, and they hold the fate of their world in their hands. They have only begun to understand the consequences of the devastating realities of war.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend, is the philosophy the Romelands now abide by. With chaos and turmoil at every corner, they may forget what is worth fighting for. The surge for power has erupted. Only the strongest race will be left standing.

Enjoy an Excerpt:

I got my wish over the next few weeks. I spent a ton of time with sweet Nile. His excuse was that I was his new apprentice in regard to ships. He didn’t need a reason, but I was glad we had one. It made it easier for us to pretend … for me, anyway.

Late one evening, Nile and I were in his bedroom. He shut his computer down. Then came over and sat next to me on the sofa in his sitting area. As he did, a pillow fell on the floor. He leaned down to pick it up, and grazed my side on his way up. I giggled. His hazels grew mischievous.

“You’re ticklish?”


Nile reached over to graze my side again. I giggled more. “Your laugh is adorable.”

I leaned back, putting my arms up in self-defense. “You wouldn’t.”

He beamed. “Oh, yeah, I would.” He attacked, using both hands to tickle me silly. I fell on my back, kicking, unable to defend myself. He was so much bigger than me. I went into hysterics. I hadn’t been tickled like this since I was a child. He pinned me down and continued to torture me.

“Nile … please … stop!” He finally did and had somehow ended up between my legs. His mouth parted. I tried to play it off. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“I can’t help it. You’re so gorgeous.”

We leaned toward each other at the same time, our lips locked. Since our first flight training, we had only shared timid, quick kisses. But this kiss was explosive. I moaned as he entangled his hands in my hair. Having a dress on was dangerous territory. As he lowered himself on top of me, it rose to my hips. Nile groaned as I gripped his bottom tighter. It only egged him on. He began to move slowly in between my legs. I gasped because I could feel all of him moving against me. Nile glided his tongue across my neck. I jerked as sensations flared through me. Was I really ready to cross this line? At this rate, it wouldn’t be long before my train of thought vanished. And I wouldn’t be able to stop. I had been intimate before. But I wanted the next man I slept with to be the one I would marry. Fate was so cruel. I’d been with the man I thought I would marry, only to lose him. I didn’t think I could open my heart again so life could crush it with despair. The realization that I could lose Nile made my chest tighten. I froze. He pulled back.

“Symone, what’s wrong?”

I could only imagine the expression of horror on my face. I bit my lip. We both sat up as I pulled my dress down.

“I’m sorry if I moved too fast.”

“No, it’s not that.”

He rubbed my cheek and forced me to look at him. “Tell me, please?”

“It’s just that…” I broke from his grasp and shook my head. How did I tell him I seemed to lose everyone I cared about? I was cursed, because my loved ones were hurt or killed when they were with me.

Nile sighed. “Is this about your ex-suitor, your feelings toward him?”

“It’s about him in a sense.”

“What does that mean?” He balled his hands into fists.

“I will always care about him.”

Nile’s nostrils flared and he turned away. “Why did you kiss me back the first time? Why do you continue to spend time with me?”

About the Author:
B Truly has wanted to be an author since she was fifteen years old and is grateful to have accomplished this dream. She has very vivid dreams and a wild imagination. She likes to read, watch tons of TV shows, and movies. She is addicted to romance and gets a thrill out of action and suspense. She writes New Adult, Fantasy, Sci-fi, and Paranormal-Romance.

In the Sonar series, B Truly said, “It was fun to explore different elements of Sci-fi romance and create various realms of powers for my characters. I want to show my readers that Sci-fi can be fun, but also traumatic. I hope you guys enjoy the Sonar Series.”

B Truly has three wonderful children and a husband who defines the person she is today. She works full-time as an Ultrasound technologist in Sugarland, Texas.

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