Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Griffen by A.J. Blakemont - Spotlight and Giveaway

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"They are immortal, deadly, ruthless. I don’t belong to their dark underworld.

I won’t be a victim. Never again."

She has nothing—not even a roof above her head. She has unimaginable powers, but these powers come at a price: she has to feed on the mental energy of human beings, killing them in the process.

Her name is Griffen and she is a newborn. She is a copy, a paranormal twin of a young woman, Letitia. Griffen is not the only one of her kind—there are others like her, living among humans or hiding underground. Romantics called them doppelgangers, ghostly twins, the harbingers of death. Scientists who know that they exist call them simulacra. They call themselves mirror souls. Who are they and what are their goals?

Lonely and desperate, hunted by her fellow mirror souls, Griffen hides in the London underground and preys on criminals. In this dark underworld, is there a place for compassion, for love?

In this action-packed paranormal thriller, dark fantasy author A. J. Blakemont will guide you on an epic journey through parallel realities toward a dramatic revelation.

Enjoy an Excerpt:

O night, my ark, my refuge! I’d spent the day hiding in the underground tunnels to escape the busy city life, and only now, when the streets were quiet, when the pulse of the metropolis had slowed down, could I return to the surface to savor the freshness of the night.

I went to Hyde Park, one of the largest parks in London. I needed to be alone, as far from people as possible. There I sat on a bench and gazed at the distant city lights.

What I saw mesmerized me. The Aurora borealis above London—this sight was surreal. Clouds of luminescent particles drifted above the city, and the city responded with its own luminescence. That was just the beginning. I saw colors, lines, motifs that I couldn’t even begin to understand. Suddenly the world became overwhelmingly complex.

After an initial moment of awe came a moment of terror. What am I? A question I’ve been asking myself ever since.

Light-headed, I closed my eyes, then opened them again and looked at the objects surrounding me. A bench, a tree, a street lamp, an empty alley. Everything looked normal. Everything looked as it should through human eyes. I peered at the night sky and focused. Glowing clouds appeared again, like ghosts from another world, a parallel reality. What kind of radiation was I perceiving? Electromagnetic fields certainly, and probably much more. It would take me years to fully understand all the nuances.

About the Author:
I am a novelist and essayist interested in all things dark and mysterious. My favorite genres are science fiction and fantasy. I am also passionate about music, mythology, and history and its mysteries. I have a degree in literature and a PhD in molecular biology, and I earn a living as a professional writer. I live near London in the UK and I am a member of the Society of Authors.


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