Monday, January 16, 2012

Musing Mondays: Devices?

This week’s musing asks…

What devices –if any– do you read books on? Do you find it enjoyable, or still somewhat bothersome? Or: If you only read the print books, why haven’t you chosen to read on any devices?

We all three of us own Nooks -- and love them. Speaking for myself, I find that it's easier on my eyes to read on the Nook, and for whatever reason (and I've confirmed this with several other Nook/Kindle owners) I actually read faster on it.

The only type of book I still prefer in print is non-fiction/reference books. Those types of books I like to highlight and bookmark and make notes in.

But for fiction of all kinds, I prefer reading on my Nook (or on my Android phone, which works quite well, too!).

For all you folks who swear you'll never change: I never thought I would either. Nothing beats the feel of a book in my hands, the smell of paper or the sound of the pages turning, right?

Wrong. Larger books make my hands ache after too long. I can't stash them in my purse for waiting at doctor's appointments. There are so many benefits to an eBook reader, not to mention instant gratification when I want a book (and I can even borrow eBooks from my library!). Nevermind the fact that having an eBook reader has opening my eyes the the millions of short stories and novellas out there that are eBook format only.

I still read print, but I prefer eBooks. Our library loans four different types of eBook readers. You should check to see if yours does, too. Try before you buy!

Happy reading.


  1. But printed books are so pretty! ;) Though they do take a lot of space. I need space for my own library!

    I nearly bought ereader, but decided that it's more convenient to get laptop, since I do nearly everything on computer anyway. But maybe some day :)

    Thanks for sharing, and thanks for stopping by! New follower :)

    Monaliz @ Mind Reading?

  2. My kindle is a easier way to travel but I still love my print books. But now a days if its out only in hardback, I'll just buy it on my kindle. Those are too expensive for my college budget Lol


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