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Wrestling with Summer by Amelia Swan - guest post and giveaway

Five Things You’d Probably Never Guess About Amelia Swan

1. From the age of 5 through graduate school, I was heavily involved in figure skating. I competed, I coached, and I choreographed. If the sport wasn’t so expensive, I’d probably still be skating today. My sister was a skater too, so it was a huge part of our lives.

2. I talk about my cat and dog a lot, but I rarely mention my fish. I’ve had two goldfish for over five years. They’re names are Betty and Dawson. Most people think goldfish are just throwaway pets, but if you take care of them properly they can live for twenty years.

3. Romance novels aren’t the only books I like. As an English major in college and a former high school English teacher, I also enjoy the classics. I’ve always been particularly interested in the American literary canon. I consider myself an amateur Walt Whitman scholar. I also really like comic books and YA novels. My husband and I share an Audible account, and we go through a lot of fantasy and dystopian YA stories.

4. I’m watching Lost for the first time, and I’m really, really into it. I wish I’d watched it a few years ago when everyone else did. There are so many interesting things to talk about. It sort of reminds me of Twin Peaks, which is one of my all-time favorite TV shows.

5. Even though I’m from New Jersey, the Seahawks are my favorite football team.

Will Summer’s past stop her from giving her heart to a professional wrestler?

Summer Sullivan is in a slump. Her friends-with-benefits relationship with yoga teacher Drew is going nowhere, and she’s behind schedule on preparing for her upcoming art show. When she hears that a professional wrestler is scheduled to speak at the private school where she works, she’s convinced things have gone from bad to worse. After growing up with a father who changed from a loving family man to a womanizing, heavy-drinking deadbeat while he worked as a wrestler, Summer has wanted nothing to do with the industry.

But Ryan Steele isn’t like the wrestlers from Summer’s past. With boyish good looks and a lean physique, he doesn’t look like the big, bulky wrestlers she used to know. And with his kind heart and romantic tendencies, Ryan doesn’t act like them either. It doesn’t take long before Summer is smitten with the charming wrestler, but even though Summer wants to be with Ryan, memories of her past keep getting in the way of their happiness. Will she be able to give Ryan a fair chance or will she let her misconceptions about wrestling stand in the way?

Enjoy an excerpt:

Placing the bag on my kitchen counter, I pulled out its contents. Even though the food was in plastic containers, I could smell the tangy, spicy aroma. I opened the lid of my drunken noodles and let the steam hit my face. "I'm glad I chose Thai tonight."

"Yeah, and you're lucky there's vegan Thai food in town. Now get over here. I have something I think you'd like to see." I quickly grabbed two pairs of chopsticks and brought everything we needed for our Friday night ritual feast to the coffee table. Kate and my open laptop were waiting for me when I got there.

I eyed her with lighthearted suspicion. "Uh-oh, what did you find?"

Kate smiled mischievously, grabbed a pair of chopsticks, and shoved a piece of fried tofu in her mouth. She nudged the laptop in my direction.

There he was. Almond-shaped eyes with teal irises. Shaggy but well-kept brown hair. A lean, ripped body. He wore only a silver pair of briefs with his last name written in a navy blue cursive across his ass and black boots that came up to his knees.

I was totally not prepared for Ryan Steele to look like a god among men.

I pushed the laptop back in Kate's direction and shrugged, fighting to pry my eyes off the screen. "He's all right."

Her eyes widened in surprise. "He's all right? Ryan Steele is gorgeous."

I picked up a piece of broccoli with my chopsticks. "But he's still a wrestler."

Amelia Swan writes contemporary, erotic, and new adult romance. She’s interested in characters that are smart, sincere, and somewhat artistically inclined. Her and her husband currently reside in Northern New Jersey with their cat and dog. In addition to romance novels, Amelia is interested in yoga, fitness, veganism, and professional wrestling.

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