Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: At My Thanksgiving Table

Top Ten Authors I'd Love To Have At My Thanksgiving Feast

So many authors... sigh... in no particular order, here are the first ten that come to mind:

1. Stephen King: I love this man's writing! He's definitely on my auto-read list.
2. Dean Koontz: I especially like his Odd Thomas series, but he's also on my auto-read list.
3. Alan Bradley--especially if he brings Flavia! The only problem is... I've read all he has out right now... and I'm already ready for the next one!
4. Jane Austen. Yes, I know she's still not living, but it's MY Thanksgiving table... so time and space doesn't matter :-)
5. Mark Twain. I think it would be great to just sit and listen to him and his stories.
6. Charles Dickens. Between Mr. Dickens and Ms. Austen, I could really enjoy the discussions of class and life in 19th century England.
7. Maeve Binchy. I want to live in a Maeve Binchy novel. 'Nuff Said.
8. Martha Grimes. First, congratulations to Ms. Grimes on being named the 2012 Grand Master by the Mystery Writers of America. Another auto-read for ALL her series.
9. Louise Penny. This is a new author to me, but I'm thoroughly enjoying her Three Pines series. If you like mysteries, and haven't yet checked her out, I recommend you do!
10. I would be remiss if I didn't include the first author I remember feeling a kinship with, Lucy Maud Montgomery. Her Anne of Green Gables series thrilled my young soul when I received them as a Christmas present umpteen-thirty years ago.

I would love to include more authors that have meant a lot to me over the years: Louise May Alcott, Arther Conan Doyle, Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov,... the list could go on forever.

Who are some of YOUR favorites?


  1. I put Mark Twain on my list, too. Wouldn't he be fun?!

    Here's my Top Ten: Top Ten Authors I'd Love to Have at My Thanksgiving Feast. I hope you will stop by and sign up for my November Giveaway and my Gratitude Giveaway. I'm giving away two $25 Amazon gift cards!

  2. Mark Twain would be a hoot at the dinner table, I think. What a story-teller!

  3. The Anne of Green Gables books are very dear to me too. I have read and loved all of the books in the series, great choice!

  4. Mark Twain definitely.

    Great list! :)

  5. Awesome list! I think it would be great to sit down with Jane Austen :) Thanks for stopping by!

    Anna @ Literary Exploration

  6. Jane Austen! <3 I also really like Charles Dickens.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!! (:

  7. Ahhh!!! Yes! Louisa May Alcott would be a neat person to have! Great list!

  8. We share some of the same guests (and some that I would have invited had there been room for more than ten people LOL). Good list :)

  9. Stephen King and Dean Koontz are two of my favorite authors. Could not have had a Thanksgiving meal with authors and not have Mr. King as my #1 at the table.

    I only opted for authors who were alive, but I think Mark Twain, Jane Austen and Charles Dickens would have been at my table if I'd chosen authors who weren't currently living and breathing.

    Wonderful list!

  10. Do you know, Dickens and Austen are my favourite classic writers too?! Ha! The joys of these sort of hops, I guess, if finding people who have similar tastes and, if lucky, the same! I've never liked Stephen King that much: he's good but not a favourite! I want to read Twain, so perhaps this congruence of classicists will convince me to do so!

  11. Jane Austen was on my list too - I adore her books.

  12. Jane Austen, J.K. Rowling, L.M. Montgomery, Roald Dahl...
    nice blog by the way!


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