Monday, February 6, 2012

Virtual Book Tour and Giveaway: Fallenwood by Leslie Soule

Today we're welcoming author Leslie Soule to the blog on her tour with Goddess Fish Promotions for the fantasy novel, "Fallenwood".

Leslie is giving away a $25 Barnes and Noble GC to one randomly drawn commenter. So comment today AND follow her tour (if you click on the banner over there on the left, it'll take you to a list of her tour stops) -- the more you read and comment, the better your odds of winning. You could be introduced to a great new author AND win a GC!

Take it away, Leslie!

10 Things Most People Don’t Know About Me

1. I have a Master’s degree in English.

Most people don’t know this since I just finished up my course work this past November. I’m very proud of this accomplishment. It’s the hardest thing I’ve done in my life.

2. I have been to India.

In 2005, I traveled to India with my martial arts instructor to help him teach there.

3. I love tea.

I love it so much that I have an electric burner hooked up in my room, so I can have tea brewing as I work on things.

4. I have ten years of martial arts training.

I have studied a traditional Korean style, Judo, and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

5. I own a book on how to speak Elvish.

6. I have a pet snake. He is a gopher snake named Indy.

7. I love Blues music.

8. I love old technology. I still have an original Playstation and a Mini disk player. I love them both.

9. I used to run a Redwall RPG website. Long live Lunar Isle!

10. I have a thing for blondes. Ever since I saw Zack from Saved By The Bell…*sigh*

Fallenwood—a land where magic is the life force, dragons are sages, and wizards good and evil battle for supremacy. When 23-year-old Ash is thrust into the middle of Fallenwood’s power struggles, she is also forced to face her own inner battles. Life on Earth was hard enough on Ash, who is locked in grief for her stepfather. Now, the fate of Fallenwood rests on her shoulders. She must destroy the Great Crystal—the catalyst for all the land’s magic. As the kingdoms prepare for war, Ash must look inside to find the power to save the world, and herself.

Leslie Soule lives in Sacramento, California. Fallenwood is her first fantasy novel. She has received her B.A. in English from Sacramento State University and is currently working on her Master’s degree in English at National University.

Fallenwood is available from Decadent Publishing


  1. Wow, you have really been around. So you are an expert in martial arts. How great is that. India must be a fascinating place. I hope you really enjoyed your trip there.

  2. Sounds like you have a very interesting life aside from being a writer in a cave! At least most authors call their offices (or writing space) a cave! Do you?

    Do your personal achievements ever find their way into your stories as part of the heroine's life?

  3. Leslie...I'm also a tea lover. I have gone through MULTIPLE Mrs. Tea makers--the last 2 purchased on eBay. My routine is orange pekoe in the a.m. and anything else in the afternoon (faves lately are Lady Grey and Lemon Jasmine). I'm also a honey addict--for my morning tea. I have more than 20 varieties in my pantry. I collect them different places that I go. I even brought some back from a trip to China a few years ago but I never got a chance to eat it. It was in my packed luggage and the TSA opened it and inspected it in some way. It made me too nervous to use it!

    BOY, I'm gabby tonight! I guess I was motivated to share something most folks don't know about me.

    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

  4. Martial arts and tea always seem to go together.

  5. Hey there, everyone. Sorry for the late response. A friend took me out to see the movie War Horse and I didn't get back until late, since we were chatting away into the night. Great movie, by the way.

    Thanks, MomJane! Yeah, India was great. Definite culture shock though.

    Thanks, Karen H! Instead of a "cave", I like to call my writing space "headquarters". :)
    So far, my personal achievements haven't made their way into my stories, but with the sequel to Fallenwood, I'll be talking about college in the form of an allegory. A common metaphor for college is the "ivory tower", so Ash's journey through the ivory tower is going to reflect the college experience.

    Hey there, Catherine Lee! Great to meet a fellow tea lover. Thanks for sharing! :)

    Hey there, Renald! Yeah, I've found that martial arts and tea seem to go together well, too. :)

    Thanks for joining me here today, everyone! I hope you'll check out tomorrow's stop, over at Book Briefs.

    -Leslie Soule

  6. I love tea too! No sugar, cream or black for me though, and only herbals =)


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