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Interview and Giveaway with Charlene A. Wilson

Today I'm excited to welcome paranormal romance author Charlene A. Wilson to the blog. Her books sound fascinating, and I'm desperately trying to find time to read them! Even better, she's offering a lucky commenter a PDF of either Cornerstone Deep or Cornerstone Deep Echoes (winner's choice) and high resolution printable bookmarks of both books! Contest is open until Sunday, June 17th. So Comment!

Charlene was kind enough to answer all my prying questions. Thanks, Charlene!

Thank you so much for having me here today.

Why do you write in your genre? What draws you to it?

I write Paranormal Romance. I think what draws me in is that anything can happen. You have as far as your imagination can reach to create worlds and what happens in them. I love the thought of magic and have given my hero, Cole Shilo, a nature that allows him to move things with a wave of his hand, disperse into a dark mist and fly, and read emotions. His brothers, James and Vincent, also have these abilities, though Vincent seems to excel in producing bolts of energy that charge from his fists…which blow things up when he’s angry. Thank goodness for James’s skill with multitasking in fine detail. He usually cleans up after his outbursts. Lol.

With the freedom to imagine that Paranormal Romance gives me, I can make it possible for the Shilo brothers to find their soul mates again when they lose them to death. They live such long lives—much longer than the Terrans they serve among—so they’ve experienced their share of loss. But, once reborn, a soul’s call is recognized by a soul mate. At an appropriate age, they can reunite. Cole has waited four hundred years to find his again, bless him.

What research or world-building is required for paranormal writing?

There was quite a bit of world-building involved with setting up the Chronicles of Shilo Manor. Though, I didn’t go too far out of the box with the plane they’re in right now, Cornerstone Deep. It’s a dimension similar to ours. In fact, it mirrors us in progression and aggression. They do have their own hierarchy and laws, and of course, their own set of gods and beliefs.

But, there are five dimensions in the spectrum, each holding a position in the arch. The Shilos come from Meridian, the original plane and most ancient. The inhabitants have progressed to the point of manipulating the elements and conversing with the Gods, or Creators. There are also the Midway realms. They’re the youngest and home to souls with innocent, humble natures. Then, as I mentioned, there are the Cornerstone realms. The mirror dimensions, Midway and Cornerstone (of which there are two, of course), are differentiated by which side of the arch they are on; the right being called Summit, the left, Deep. We get to visit each as the series progresses.

Name one thing you learned from your hero/heroine.

What a great question. I think it would be that our progression is only limited in our own minds. With every circumstance, we learn, grow, and that’s one more step closer to who we are to become.

Any odd or interesting writing quirks, habits, or superstitions?

I always wish I had a fun answer for this type of question when it comes up. Maybe I should take one up, just to have something fun to share when it does. Lol. But, I generally grab a slushy ice water, open my WordWeb, and try to clear my mind to let inspiration flow.

Plotter or pantser?

I’ve found as I work deeper into the series, that plotting has taken on a bigger role. That said, I can’t just write an outline and fill in the words the way I have it sketched out all the time. I tend to get attached to the characters and they tend to get demanding. If I don’t write their story the way they think it should go, I don’t get sleep that night. I’ve re-written scenes due to that. Conversations, reactions, outcomes… Sometimes they won’t shut up until I change it all. So, I’m still pretty much a panster.

Look to your right – what’s sitting there?

Hahaha. Exactly to my right, is a slightly humored figment of my imagination who is telling me that this is what I get for putting him through so much #@!& in the Cornerstone Deep books.

Anything new coming up from you? What?

Book three of the Chronicles, Cornerstone Deep Destiny, is underway. But, I’m also working on revising my Aumelan series. Three books are written of the planned four. Chad is my hero in book one, Aumelan, and he’s anxious to get it out for everyone to enjoy. He goes through a lot as he crosses the boarders from his home in the World Beneath the Rock to the World of the Sun to find answers to his people’s limitation. He hates that he must take energy from another to survive, and he hates that that other is his server Dee. She’s the only one who has ever felt like home to his heart, and he dreams of the day he can stand before her with no placement, no laws, no limitation separating them—only the air between them. Would she stay? Would she accept him? Love him, too?

I’m hoping to have Aumelan ready for submission by the end of the year.

Do you have a question for our readers?

What is your favorite magical ability? If you could have one, what would it be?

Charlene is an author of paranormal suspenseful tales that sweep you away to other dimensions. She weaves magic, lasting love, and intrigue into multi-layered story lines to immerse you into the lives of her characters.

She began writing in her early teens when her vivid dreams stayed with her long after she had them. The characters and worlds were so amazing, she brought them to life through her books. You can meet them now in her series The Chronicles of Shilo Manor and soon in her series Aumelan.

She resides in a small community in Arkansas, USA, with her two beautiful daughters, a gray cat, Chester, and a fluffy black dog, KooJo.

Author site: http://charleneawilson.com/
Blog: http://charleneawilsonblog.blogspot.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Charlene-A-Wilson-Romance-Author/162568770441255
Twitter: http://twitter.com/AuthorCAWilson
Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/4550595.Charlene_A_Wilson%20

Cornerstone Deep blurb

It's their nature - long lives and rebirth. They're from another dimension, one gifted with advance abilities, but they serve in Cornerstone Deep. They're the Wizards of Shilo Manor.

They outlive the mortals of this realm by thousands of years, and when it comes to love the cruel fact is reinforced. Reincarnation doesn't exist on this plane. They lose their wives to death with no hope of reuniting. Yet they continue to accept others for whatever time they have together. Save for Cole. His love for his last wife still burns in his soul four centuries after her death.

When the service they render to the noblemen of Cornerstone Deep brings him face to face with Anna, something unexpected happens. In a realm of silent souls, hers calls to him. He responds with a kiss—one that joined with the spell of servitude she inhaled, binds her soul.

Breaking ancient covenants, angering the lords, and bringing the gods' wrath upon him, Cole tries desperately to undo his wrong and free his love—despite the determination of the nobleman to keep her.

~ * ~

“My life is a mirage of endless time. But you in this moment engulf me, rivet my mind, encompass my soul.” 

Cornerstone Deep Buy links

Class Act Books: http://bit.ly/CDpbCAB 
Amazon: http://amzn.to/CDAmazon

Cornerstone Deep Echoes blurb

Mianna’s return heals Cole’s soul and he promises to follow her for the rest of his existence. But the past isn’t what he believes. The fight for her has only begun.

Lord Dressen’s obsession grows as unexpected knowledge is revealed. His search for Mianna has spanned six life times and he won’t give up now. The courts stand behind him. Power pulses through his veins. Determination peaks and not even Cole Shilo can stop him. He will win his prize.

Struggling to stay ahead, Cole’s anger explodes. Nothing is sacred when it comes to keeping his love—not even covenants made with gods. But, through all his efforts, lofty or damned, the truth remains. Will echoes of another life cause him to fail?

~ * ~

“Every breath you take is a song to my soul.”

Cornerstone Deep Echoes Buy links

Class Act Books: http://bit.ly/CDEpbCAB
Amazon: http://amzn.to/CDEchoesk


  1. Thank you for having me at It's Raining Books today, MJ. I love the books and the 'brella! Not to mention all the great authors and stories you present. What a great blog!

  2. Hi Charlene...hello MJ:)

    I've got both of Charlene's books...just finished Cornerstone Deep and loved it. I'm in love with the Shilo brothers (LOL). They are all such admirable men, handsome, and full of magic:) They are protectors, so to speak...and they do the right thing...the honerable way to keep things from going into chaos. Excellent love story, too.

    Nice place MJ...great interview questions...and Charlene - I loved hearing more about your writing process...and you in general. Hugs!!

    1. Hi Kay Dee. I'm so glad you love the Shilos. Yeah, they try to keep things from going into chaos. But, I think they end up causing enough on their own. Lol! Thanks so much for dropping by. :)

  3. Hi Charlene! Love your top banner up there! It's gorgeous! If I could have a magical ability it would be to be able to clone myself!! Does that count as an ability or is that cheating? LOL Cause I need at least five more me!

    Congrats on the series, love learning about other author's writing habits and their process. Best of luck and may your books shoot to the top of the charts!

    1. Thanks, Deanna. Wow, what an ability that would be! I couldn't imagine five more Charlenes running around. *shudders* ooo scary

      Thanks for stopping by! :)

  4. Great interview, ladies! As a fan of Cornerstone Deep, I'm excited to hear that we get to visit all the realms, yay! I can't wait. Wright faster, Ms. Wilson. ;)

    1. Hi, Danielle. Yeah, we'll get to see the other dimensions with the Shilos. Midway Summit will be coming up next with just a glimpse of Meridian as the guys' eccentric uncle visits from home.

      Thanks for dropping by to see me. Have a great week. :)

  5. Charlene... thanks so much for visiting! Your books sound amazing.

    Magic power? I'd like to be able to teleport -- I really, really hate to fly. :-D

    1. Hahaha, you know that same thing was just crossing my mind? Wouldn't it be great to be able to teleport? I used to love to fly, but anymore I've changed my views.

      Thanks again for having me, MJ. You're wonderful to work with. All the best!


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