Friday, June 22, 2012

Review: The Patriot Girl by Toni Lynn Cloutier

(Full length, contemporary romance published by The Wild Rose Press)

MaKayla Adams has always been curious about the wild side of life. Making love with her late husband wasn’t exciting, and she never could understand the big deal…until hunky nightclub owner Dustin James hires her as a public relations consultant. His touch arouses feelings she’s never known, and his kiss tempts her to cross the line between business and pleasure.

Dustin doesn’t remember the car accident that put him in a coma three years ago, but since his recovery, he’s pushed his own needs aside to be a single father to his young daughter. When MaKayla offers to help publicize his country nightclub, however, she ignites deeper feelings he can’t ignore.

But there is more than mutual attraction between MaKayla and Dustin—there is a shared past connected to her husband’s death. Will the truth bring them together or tear them apart?

I expected this to be just another romance, but it wasn’t. It starts off with the heroine, after being widowed for three years finally meeting someone who attracted her. However there is a serious problem with their relationship from the very start.

He saves her from a robber’s gun, and becomes equally attracted to her. However, not only is he the first customer in her new PR business, but other facts about them both surface, causing extreme problems with any possible relationship between them.

This is not a typical boy meets girl romance. They are both older and each carry a lot of emotional baggage. There cannot be a HEA until all their secrets are exposed and resolved, which takes a lot of doing. In addition, during this time she is stalked by one of the robbers who got away, but even this has an unusual and interesting twist.

I enjoyed this story very much, and although I knew it would end up okay (it's a romance, after all!), it didn’t ruin the story for me. I think this is a fun and someone different romance that everyone should enjoy.

4/5 Flowers


  1. Thank you for your review. I like the idea of an 'unusual and interesting twist'.


  2. Nice review, MJ.
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