Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Season of Sin by Stacy-Deanne - Author Interview

Today I'd like to welcome author Stacy-Deanne here to talk about her novel, "The Season of Sin".

She was gracious enough to answer all my prying questions:

Why do you write in your genre? What draws you to it?

My main genres are mystery/suspense and crime fiction. I have always loved mysteries ever since being a child. I am a big Alfred Hitchcock fan and fell in love with his movies and his brilliance. He is my biggest idol and the reason I love the suspense genre.

What research is required?

It depends on the type of story I’m writing. Not every story requires research. Mainly the research I do is for police procedures, etc. But I’ve been writing in this genre so long that I know a lot by heart. I still do research from time to time but like I said, it does depend on the story and what I’m including in it.

Name one thing you learned from your heroine.

When it comes to my heroine Bree, who is the star of my Interracial Suspense series, I learned that no matter how independent you are, you need people. Bree is a police detective so she is use to taking care of herself but she doesn’t understand that needing people isn’t a sign of weakness. She’s always trying to prove she can handle everything alone. I’m kind of the same way with certain things.

Plotter or pantser?

I usually write down what I wanna write as I go but most times the story takes its own course and that’s what’s exciting for me. I love it when the story comes into its own and the characters take over. That’s what makes the story more realistic and natural. You never should fight the feeling of letting the story work its own magic. I might have something in mind that I wanna write but if it doesn’t end up fitting I don’t force it. I let the story breathe and that’s what makes the writing so interesting for me.

Look to your right – what’s sitting there?

My 44 oz. water jug, printer and a bunch of blank CD’s.

Anything new coming up from you? What?

I’m excited that my third installment in the Bree and Steven series, The Wild Life will be out summer 2013!

Do you have a question for our readers?

Yep. How loyal are you to your favorite authors?

The Season of Sin:

Detective Brianna “Bree” Morris and her partner and ex-lover Steven Kemp are back. This time they are thrown head first into a gruesome homicide that brings forth as many secrets as it does clues.

Brianna’s psychiatrist, Dr. Nadia Hollister is stabbed to death in her upstairs bathroom. Brianna, who is at Nadia’s while the murder happens, is the only witness. Unfortunately she was knocked unconscious by the killer and only has the memory of the killer’s scent to go on.

Brianna and Steven sign on to help Homicide Detective Jayce Matthews solve the case. With Nadia’s journals as her guide, Bree learns that Nadia was keeping a devastating secret that has something to do with her adopted daughter. The renowned doctor was not whom she seemed to be and her secret may not have only got her killed but could ruin the foundation of her entire family.

The police hunt for suspects but Nadia’s secret could wreck the lives of many, all who have motive to kill her.

The deeper Brianna and Steven dig into Nadia’s past; the more they question whether Nadia was the true victim after all.

Peace in the Storm Publishing

Stacy-Deanne (Dee-Anne) is a novelist of crime fiction, mysteries, and suspense. Her work includes Everlasting, Melody and Giving up the Ghost. Stacy is profiled along with notable authors in the NAACP-nominated 2006 book, Literary Divas: The Top 100+ African-American Women in Writing. Giving up the Ghost is a 2011 African-American Literary Award nominated novel and a 2012 Top 20 Black Expressions Bestseller. The Season of Sin is a 2012 African-American Literary Award nominated novel.

The Season of Sin is available in print and ebook and for $4.99 on Kindle:


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