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Hard Landing by Shirleen Davies - Interview and Giveaway

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Why do you write in your genre? What draws you to it?

I read many genres including historical non-fiction, mystery/suspense, crime, and, of course, romance. The one genre that I keep going back to over and over is romance, and specifically historical western and contemporary romances. That’s the main reason I write in these genres—they are my favorites as a reader.

Wonderful elements exist in all book genres. In my mind, romance is special in that these stories include stimulating plots, twists and turns that are common in suspense, interesting locations, and characters a reader is able to connect with and understand. A good romance draws the reader in, connecting them to the characters, and making them feel they are a part of the story.

What research is required?

I do considerable research for all of my books as I believe readers expect and deserve to have more than the basics of a location or time period. Hard Landing required substantial research about the process of becoming a Naval Aviator. Details including training periods, locations, planes, and assignments are all based on factual information. The Naval lifestyle, as portrayed in the book, is also based on research, interviews, and personal experience. The end result is a fictional romance based on true life experience.

Name one thing you learned from your hero/heroine.

The difficulties women face when choosing a role in a traditionally male career. In this case, the heroine chose to be a Navy pilot after graduating from the Naval Academy. It is a competitive environment requiring skills few people possess. My story focuses on one woman who passed all of the tests and flourished in a very male world. Succeeding in such an environment can make choices such as marriage and family even more difficult, especially for women who many times must go beyond normal expectations to gain the respect of other pilots.

Any odd or interesting writing quirks, habits or superstitions?

I wish I did, it would make things much more interesting. The reality is that my routine is simple and focused, without quirks or superstitions. I do, however, write every day.

Plotter or pantser?

Both. My writing pattern has changed over the years from being an almost exclusive panster to being about fifty percent of both. I spend time up front preparing an outline using spiral notebooks and spreadsheets. This helps me focus and highlights areas that will require research. After that I’m pure panster. I like having a big picture overview of the plot then working through the details as I write. Most times I come up with characters I had no idea would surface when the story began. It’s exciting to see what pops up when you let your imagination take over.

Look to your right – what’s sitting there?

A view to the town below and mountains across the valley where I live in northern Arizona. Closer in sits an easy chair, big screen TV (I like keeping it tuned to adventure/action movies, without sound, when I write), and fireplace.

Anything new coming up from you? What?

I’ve just finished book three, One More Day, which follows Hard Landing in my contemporary romance series. The big challenge, however, is my new historical western romance series, which will debut in September with book one, Redemption’s Edge. The series focuses on men and women impacted by the massive changes in the country after the American Civil War.

Do you have a question for our readers?

I’d love to know what they read and their favorite genres. Are there any genres they simply don’t read and why?

Hard Landing, Book Two in the MacLarens of Fire Mountain Contemporary Romance Series

In this passionate Contemporary Romance series, author Shirleen Davies introduces her readers to the modern day MacLarens.

Trey MacLaren is a confident, poised Navy pilot. He’s focused, loyal, ethical, and a natural leader. He is also on his way to what he hopes will be a lasting relationship and marriage with fellow pilot, Jesse Evans.

Jesse has always been driven. Her graduation from the Naval Academy and acceptance into the pilot training program are all she thought she wanted—until she discovered love with Trey MacLaren . . .

. . . Trey and Jesse’s lives are filled with fast flying, friends, and the demands of their military careers. Lives each has settled into with a passion. At least until the day Trey receives a letter that could change his and Jesse’s lives forever.

It’s been over two years since Trey has seen the woman in Pensacola. Her unexpected letter stuns him and pushes Jesse into a tailspin from which she might not pull back.

. . . Each must make a choice. Will the choice Trey makes cause him to lose Jesse forever? Will she follow her heart or her head as she fights for a chance to save the love she’s found? Will their independent decisions collide, forcing them to give up on a life together?

Hard Landing is the second book in the MacLarens of Fire Mountain Contemporary novella series—heartwarming stories of difficult choices, loyalty, and lasting romance. Watch for book three, One More Day, Cameron and Lainey’s story, in the summer of 2014.

Enjoy an excerpt:

“Coming,” he called, as the doorbell sounded once more. He reached the door and pulled it open, stunned into silence by who stood outside.

“Hello, Trey.” Jesse stood tall and looked him in the eyes.

He recovered quickly. “Jesse.” He looked beyond her, but saw no one else. “What are you doing here?”

Her courage diminished as she realized he might not even allow her inside.

“Reb and Paul came over to watch the ballgame. It was loud, crazy, lots of testosterone, so I thought…” her voice trailed off.

“What? You’d come over here for old times’ sake?”

She looked behind him. It hadn’t occurred to her that he might have invited someone over. “I’m sorry. This probably wasn’t a good idea—stopping by without calling.” She turned to leave.

“Why did you come over? You generally have a plan for everything. This seems pretty spontaneous.”

Jesse stopped, knowing he’d guessed right. She did have a plan but had lost her nerve as soon as he’d opened the door. Her heart had jumped into her throat at the sight of Trey. His deep gray t-shirt was drawn taut across his chest and tucked into tight fitting jeans. His dark hair was a little mussed, and the dark stubble on his face reminded her of the first time she’d met him, in the gym at the Academy. Her breath had caught then also, at the sight of the muscular, incredibly handsome, and somewhat dangerous looking midshipman.

Tonight it was by sheer will that she’d gotten out the first two words of a greeting.

She took a couple of steps toward him. “I guess I didn’t think it through.” She licked her lips, fortifying herself before looking into eyes that were set, hard. “The guys said you were here with Trevor. I’d been wanting to speak to you, to try to explain.” She paused again, already sensing she’d made a huge mistake. “I guess I just wanted to see you.”

About the Author:
Shirleen Davies writes romance--historical, contemporary, and romantic suspense. She grew up in Southern California, attended Oregon State University, and has degrees from San Diego State University and the University of Maryland. During the day she provides consulting services to small and mid-sized businesses. But her real passion is writing emotionally charged stories of flawed people who find redemption through love and acceptance. She now lives with her husband in a beautiful town in northern Arizona.

Shirleen began her new series, MacLarens of Fire Mountain, with Tougher than the Rest, the story of the oldest brother, Niall MacLaren. Other books in the series include, Faster than the Rest, Harder than the Rest, Stronger than the Rest, and Deadlier than the Rest. Book six, Wilder than the Rest, is due for release in early summer, 2014. Her contemporary romance series, MacLarens of Fire Mountain Contemporary, opened with book one, Second Summer. Book two, Hard Landing, released in April 2014, and Book three, One More day, is scheduled to release in midsummer, 2014.

Shirleen loves to hear from her readers.

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