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Review: Flying in Shadows by RT Wolfe - virtual tour and giveaway

(Full length romantic suspense)

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Andy Reed is a fast-talking, high-flying building developer and has been in love exactly one time in his life. Dr. Rosemarie Piper has not only been his best friend since childhood, she is the most highly respected upcoming conservation biologist in the northeast who can, also, hold her own in a bar fight. Rose learned her love for conservation from her mother. She learned her love for Andy through a lifetime of memories and connections. What she had never learned was she was the product of a brutal assault by a serial rapist and extortionist. Rose’s mother worked for twenty-six years to keep Rose’s identity hidden. Now, Andy vows to keep their polar differences from ripping them apart while keeping her safe and catching a killer.

Flying in Shadows was a surprise for me to read -- nothing like what I thought it would be from the blurb, but richer and far more romantic than expected.

It's not that it's NOT a suspense. It is.  But there was far more attention paid to the relationship between Rose and Andy, especially since we pretty much get to read about them growing up in the first several chapters.  There are still clues dropped and some suspsenseful moments, but the focus is on them.

I liked Andy and Rose.  And together, they're unbeatable. Andy is so great -- he lets Rose take care of herself, but he also has her back (and she knows it).  What amazing strength that gives her.  And, as the story continues and we discover the person behind the stuff that's happening, she's going to need that strength and support.

RT Wolfe does a great job creating a society of people I cared about.  The small town feel, the families, the intimacy were all part and parcel of why I enjoyed this book so much. While it was the second in a series, I really don't feel like I missed anything.  However, I did go buy book one, and after I read it, I may go back and read this one again, just to see if I can catch the small things, the nuances and whatnot that I probably wasn't aware I'd missed.

For a completely enjoyable romantic suspense that may not necessarily keep you on the edge of your seat, but will absolutely touch your heart, I recommend Flying in Shadows.  I'm so glad I got introduced to RT Wolfe.  I'll be on the lookout for more from her.

Rated 4.5 Flowers -- This was a very good book! I'd recommend it to my friends.

Walking in the dark, Andy readjusted his tackle box. Moonlight shone on the dark ripples creeping down Black Creek. He spotted a raccoon as he crossed the bridge. Startled, the animal hissed at him. Andy stomped his foot and hissed back; he was in no mood for it.

He saw movement in his peripheral vision. Larger movement. A man? The shape disappeared as quickly as Andy imagined it. When you let yourself get this worked up, you start seeing things, he chided himself.

What the hell had he been thinking when he decided to date Candi?

He would go over to her house first thing the next day to end it and all of the maintenance that came with her. Never again, he vowed. He would be more like his brother. Casual relationships. No strings.

But first, he needed Rose.

She would calm him down and lighten his mood, help him feel normal again. He looked at his watch and winced. What were friends for if you couldn't count on them to be there? Even at this time of night. Or morning.

* * *

Rose slept soundly in her twin bed dreaming of her favorite spot at the zoo. In the small rain forest building, she allowed a newly emerged monarch butterfly to dry its wings on her apron while sharing facts about the insect to one of two visiting young boys. The other threw pebbles into the nearby wishing pond. The sound of the small rocks plunked as they hit the stone wall before dropping into the water.

Oh, crap. She woke and sat up straight. The plunking noise came from outside, not in her head.

She felt her cheeks tighten in a wide smile. Biting the nails on one hand, she ripped her blankets off with the other. As she hustled to her window, she realized it was still pitch black out.

Grabbing the flashlight she always kept on her windowsill for just this occasion, she lifted the window and found Andy with the beam. "I thought you didn't get home until tomorrow," she whispered loudly.

"It is tomorrow." He held up fishing poles and tackle box.

"It's not tomorrow until the sun comes up." She smiled wildly as she pulled on her jeans. This reaction she had to him had to stop eventually, she convinced herself. It was not healthy.

"I've got the worms. Get down here."

Quickly, she tied her hair in a bandana, cleaned herself up and slipped on some sneakers. She scribbled out a quick note and headed for the front door. Her feet stopped before she did causing her throw her arms out for balance. Another dead bolt? When did this happen? she wondered.

R.T. Wolfe’s romantic suspense, Black Creek Burning, is the first in a series set in beautiful upstate New York. She enjoys creating diverse characters and twining them together in the midst of an intelligent mystery and a heart encompassing romance.

It’s not uncommon to find dark chocolate squares in R.T.’s candy dish, her Golden Retriever at her feet and a few caterpillars spinning their cocoons in their terrariums on her counters. R.T. loves her family, gardening, eagle-watching and can occasionally be found viewing a flyover of migrating whooping cranes.

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  3. A fantastic review and wonderful excerpt. Sounds like a really awesome story.

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  4. After you spend the time to develop your characters and start to write their stories, have they ever surprised you and taken a path you didn't expect, which changed your plot line either somewhat or totally?

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    1. Yes! I am a careful outliner. My characters pull me every-which-way. I suppose I should admit that their ideas are better than mine. I try to be flexible. :)

  5. Excellent review, it was very helpful. The book sounds like a winner.


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  8. Great review! I'm diggin' the way this series sounds. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  9. I must go back & read the first book. It is the nuances that you do miss otherwise. Very helpful thank you.


  10. Wow 4.5 stars! Excellent! I don't need a lot of suspense...just give me enough development to enjoy the story and characters!

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