Friday, March 16, 2012

Virtual Tour and Giveaway: Bones by KJ Dahlen

Today we're welcoming author KJ Dahlen to the blog on her tour with Goddess Fish Promotions for her suspense novel, "Bones". I have to admit, I've been lurking on her tour stops and really regret not reviewing thing one! Looks like I'll be buying it to add to my Nook instead. *G*

KJ is giving away a $10 Amazon gift certificate, plus the chance to help her with her new book--the winner will get to write a short blurb and K.J. will write the book based on it--to one randomly drawn commenter. That's really cool!! So comment today AND follow her tour (if you click on the banner over there on the left, it'll take you to a list of her tour stops) -- the more you read and comment, the better your odds of winning. You could be introduced to a great new author, win a GC and have bragging rights on helping plan her next book!

KJ was kind enough to answer my many questions. Thanks, KJ!

Why did you choose to write suspense?

I love suspense, the "I-can’t–wait–to-turn-the-next-page" kind of story. I don’t care for all the blood and gore but the spine tingling suspense is what I like. I write the kind of stuff I love to read. I love to put unexpected twists and turns into my stories to create the edge of the seat suspense thrill.

What kind of research went into your story to make sure the details were correct?

I write fiction, most of what I write is pure imagination but when I need facts I usually check the internet. I’m told I have a vivid imagination and I like to use every ounce to make my stories better.

Do you have any writing quirks, habits or superstitions?

Not really. I usually sit down and rough out the way I want the story to go but somewhere along the line the story takes on a life of its own and goes off in a different direction. I usually write my best in the early morning when my creative juices are pumping. I have a comfortable chair and a table with my laptop and with a cup of coffee I can write for hours.

Plotter or Pantser?

I like to write out a plot but I don’t always stick to it. My characters go off and do their own thing at times and it usually works out, sometimes better than I plotted!

Anything new coming from you? If so, please share!

I’m always working on something. Right now I’m working on the second of three books titled The New Brotherhood-The Covenant. The first in the trilogy is titled The Prophet – The New Brotherhood and the third will be titled, The New Brotherhood – Reborn.

I also found four books I wrote years ago and I’m going to rewrite them and hopefully get them published. I also began a new Series titled The River Foundation Case Files.. The first story there is A Murder In Her Past…Always busy…

Anything you'd like to ask our readers?

To read my books? *G*

Also to let me know if you like them or not I always welcome feedback from my readers.

When human bones are discovered in a cave just outside of town, it’s up to Sheriff Max Reardon to find out who the bones belonged to. But someone in town doesn’t want the bones identified and they go to great lengths to try and stop Max’s investigation.

They break into Max’s house and try and destroy the evidence and when that doesn’t work they frame Max for murder. Can Max clear his name and bring the murderer or murderers to justice?

Kim lives in a small town (population495) in Wisconsin. From her deck she can see the Mississippi River on one side and the bluffs, where eagles live and nest on the other side. She lives with her husband Dave and dog Sammy. Her two children are grown and two grandchildren and for that fact she feels blessed. She loves to watch people and that has helped her with her writing. She loves to create characters and put them in a troubling situation and just sit back and let them do all the work. They surprise even her at times. They take on a life of their own and the twists and turns become a story. She found she liked mystery/thrillers the best. She likes to keep her readers guessing until the very end of the book.

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  1. I like the final question. Yes, I will be reading your books. A great tour thank you.


  2. Wow you have do many projects ahead of you. How do you find the time? I think all you stories sound fascinating. I love suspense stories. I got hooked when I read my first Robert Ludlum book. I have got to read Bones.

  3. I love it. That's so honest...asking us to read your books. OK then. I will.

    I've enjoyed the tour.

    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com


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