Monday, August 26, 2013

Ulterior Motives by Chandra Ryan -- Guest Blog and Giveaway

This post is part of a virtual book tour organized by Goddess Fish Promotions. Chandra will be awarding a $20.00 Amazon gift card to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour. Please see the Rafflecopter at the end of the post to enter, and click the tour banner to see the other stops on the tour.

Five things most people would never guess about me:

1. I’m neurotic about food. If you open my fridge anything that is time sensitive, like cheese or juice or pasta sauce, has the date it was opened written in permanent marker on it. That way, if it says use within two weeks of opening, I know when that is.

2. I’m horribly allergic to cats but I love them so much that I owned one for fifteen years until she passed away just a year and a half ago. If she laid on my clothing I would break out in hives but, much to my allergist’s dismay, I refused to give her up.

3. Cheesecake is one of my greatest weaknesses. One year, for our anniversary, my husband and I got a cheesecake and I ate so much of it that I made myself sick. I couldn’t look at cheesecake for a year.

4. I love plants but I have a black thumb. My husband’s mother, however, is a fabulous gardener. And, at first, everybody thought I would be good with plants as well. People kept giving me plants for gifts the first couple of years but we finally had to tell them to stop. I just couldn’t keep killing the poor things.

5. I’m super ticklish just about everywhere on my body. Even unusual places like on my arms and my back. Don’t get me wrong, I’m ticklish in all the usual places as well, but you expect to be ticklish there. Sometimes someone will just brush up against me or touch my shoulder and it makes me laugh and jerk away.

About the Author:
Being from a rather nomadic family, Chandra Ryan loves to travel and meet people. But she’s found that sometimes, like when you’re stuck inside because of a good old-fashioned Southwestern heat wave, you have to make do. Fortunately for her and her loving family, who don’t like seeing her suffer from cabin fever, she’s found creating new people and places equally as fascinating. Also, you’re a lot less likely to spill your ice tea.
Universal Defiance, Book One

On a rural settler planet, Kat must resort to putting out an ad to find a husband. She doesn’t expect to find love—that’s a dream in these parts—just a partner to help work her ranch. Then the devastatingly handsome Jasper answers her ad and turns her on in ways she never dreamed possible. Too bad he’s not who he says he is.

Jasper doesn’t know what he’s getting into when he ventures undercover to investigate a legal claim against Kat’s ranch. But after a toe-curling night under her roof and in her bed, he’s willing to do anything to stay there. He can’t say no to the tough-as-nails businesswoman who makes his body come alive.

When people start getting hurt, though, both Kat and Jasper have to decide how valuable one piece of land is. And the ranch that brought them together might be the very thing standing between them.

Buy the book at Ellora's Cave.


  1. I used to hate being tickled when I was little. I have a black thumb too.
    Food poisoning is NO joke.


    1. Being tickled is the worst! I would hate it when people found out I was ticklish because they would always tickle me then. I have two boys who are also ticklish and we have a strict no tickling rule in our house :)

  2. Thank you so much for having me on your blog today. I wanted to let everyone know that I will be traveling from Illinois back home to Texas so I won't be able to respond to comments. I really appreciate everyone visiting, though, and will reply as soon as I get home tonight.

  3. I love cheesecake too and have to know when to stop eating.


    1. It's hard to stop when it's something that is that good :)

  4. Cheesecake is awesome. Have you tried the Philadelphia Cheesecake filling. I could eat the large tub all by myself. It's even great when you dip in pretzels.
    Thanks for sharing Ulterior Motives, sounds like a great book and I am looking forward to reading it. evamillien at gmail dot com

    1. I don't think I have tried that yet. I'll have to pick some up the next time I'm at the store. Thanks!

  5. I'm allergic to cats too-- any animals with an extreme amount of hair, really. My throat gets scratchy and it's sinus infection central.
    I'm also extremely ticklish! My arms-- lightly touching my arm kills me. It takes forever for the goosebumps to die down.
    Have you tried McAlister's Cheesecake? Oh. My. Gosh. I can't even. It's the best I've ever had!


    1. We just stayed with friends with cats and my youngest son had a pretty bad reaction. It was the first time he's ever had a major reaction to a cat. No, I don't think I have ever tried their cheesecake. I'll have to give it a shot. Thanks :)

  6. Thanks for the chance to win!
    Sounds like a great read!
    I love cheesecake too!
    natasha_donohoo_8 at hotmail dot com

    1. Thank you for coming by and reading the post!


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