Tuesday, October 31, 2017

A Warm Winter Romance featuring Mary Alice Pritchard

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Six Things You Wouldn't Guess About Mary Alice Pritchard

Things that you probably wouldn’t guess about me. That’s not easy.

1. I live with nine feline muses. They tolerate me and interfere with my writing every chance they get, but I love them. Watching them often stimulates my thought process and if I’m at a difficult part in the book, watching them brings out what I need to go on.

2. I have a soft spot for men who ride motorcycles. I like the big burly teddy bears but draw the line at hard core clubs. I guess that’s why I like writing bear shifters as well. They appeal to me.

3. A lot of my books have my favorite things in them like my favorite color of lime green, Diet Cokes, Pathfinders for cars, and larger sized women. I have found that a lot of my readers want the plus sized woman who they can identify with. I’m like that as well.

4. I prefer to wear shorts year-round. Even when it’s icy outside, I wear shorts. Unfortunately, I have to wear “lime green” scrubs for work. Of course, they’re lime green. Honestly, most of the clothes in my closet are a variation of green

5. I’m a loner. I don’t have a lot of “real life” friends. Most of my friends are online. I tend to hole up in my writing cave and hang around the house instead of going places.

6. One more for fun. I don’t watch TV at all. I don’t even have cable. I will stream a show that interests me to help me write or check the news or weather online, but I don’t ever watch TV and haven’t in many years.

Four tantalizing tales to warm you this winter.

Winter Love:
Maeve expected nothing more than an evening of hotness on a cold winter night, but Jackson, her dominant and love, had very different plans. Plans that would change the dynamics of their relationship forever, if she chooses to accept them.

Winter Wonderland:
Toni Wellington lives a dramatic life on a reality television show. Can the holidays bring her peace and a happy ending?

Snatched by the Cat:
Sarach has no choice but to snatch Thea away from her land. But can he convince her that a life with him will fulfill her dreams?

A Little Peace and Quiet:
Can Heath survive the winter with Gloria banging on the house next door? He’s ready to hibernate but the she-wolf isn’t cooperating.

About the Author: Born in Greenwood, Mississippi, Mary Alice Pritchard has lived all over the state of Mississippi. She’s a nurse and has worked in nearly every area of the profession including Home Health and Hospice. Her favorite area in the hospital is the Emergency Department with its fast pace and constant change, a true adrenaline junkie!

Drawing from the rich culture of the South and her own menagerie of experiences over the years, she spins addictive tales of romantic intrigue, mystery and suspense mixed with the paranormal and lightly sprinkled with her unique style of humor.

Presently living in the northern part of the state, she works in the reimbursement area of finance for a large health system and quietly creates conspiracies and conundrums to entertain herself while plugging away at work. She lives with several muses who both inspire her and conspire against her their feline antics a constant source of entertainment and inspiration for her writing. Her love of animals is only matched by her love of books and the joy of exploring a new world every time she begins a new one.


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  3. Lady Mary would love to know how you got the idea for the story!

  4. Billy Freda you are the prefect cover model for the book cover! How do you get ready for each photo shoot?

  5. Love your feline muses. Write on! :)

  6. I enjoyed learning more about you.

  7. I love bear shifters and pretty much only write them for DCL. Someone was cutting their yard when I was trying to sleep and it gave me an idea of how grumpy a bear would be if he couldn't hibernate when he wanted to. ;-)

    1. I think your idea was brilliant. Such a fun story to be sharing a book with!

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