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Sorcerers Reborn: Earth by Richard B.

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Sorcerers Reborn is Book One in a series that begins here on Earth and takes you on a new and exciting journey in the world of Sorcerers, Dragons, Elves and more.

Midnight stops. She feels something she hasn’t felt in three thousand years, something that possesses magic. It’s to the east in the mountains. She runs toward the beacon. She stands in front of a sheer stone wall hundreds of feet tall. There is a cave three quarters of the way up where the magic resides. If she tries to reach whatever is up there, it could potentially kill her. She’s come this far, but her journey isn’t over yet.

Midnight was exiled to earth with six Sorcerers by the evil Sorcerer Tay’Ron. She is a creature of magic, created by magic. She holds the gift of Sorcery from six Sorcerers who have passed on, and she is on a mission to find people on earth who are worthy of possessing this power. Her legacy must continue. Time is of the essence.

She possesses the gift of Sorcery. Midnight is a creature derived from magic, a fairy creature created from magic. She is not a Sorcerer. The six other Sorcerers are the six she carries inside of herself.

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As DeWayne finished one task, Midnight gave him another—each one more complicated than the last. He was getting better at seeing what he had to see to get the results he was aiming for. Midnight let him know that she was pleased with his progress, but didn’t make the lessons any easier for him.

“You have to understand that the more you use magic to accomplish these tasks that seem hard for you, the easier it will get. And that’s when you can start experimenting for yourself; however, I will still be here watching to see that you don’t blow yourself, or the apartment, up. One more thing you need to know. When you go out never use your magic. People don’t understand it. There is no sense in advertising you have it.”

DeWayne felt like he was back in grade school with Mrs. Bell. She was always telling him he had to “Pay more attention young man! You cannot depend on others to do your homework for you. That’s why you’re here: to learn.”

With the gift, he only needed to sleep for a few hours a day, waking refreshed. DeWayne spent a couple of hours every day working out in his apartment. He believed that getting, and staying, in shape had to be a part of his daily routine. Becoming a Sorcerer meant his ailments no longer held him back, but that didn’t mean he could ignore his physical body. There was plenty of time to work out and go about his usual routine of shopping and stopping for a beer, weather permitting, before Midnight’s daily lesson. In between, DeWayne and Midnight talked about how they were going to accomplish the transformation from DeWayne to his new self.

Reading was going to be a big part of that. Magic enhanced his abilities to not only read faster, but also to retain what he was reading. With each page he improved, until after a few days he could glance at a page and remember everything on it. Knowledge of coding, hacking, and being able to delve into the darker side of the internet would be beneficial, and he had no trouble accomplishing that. Once he learned how to hack into other websites, the rest came easily enough.

DeWayne created a new identity. He chose the name Jason Blain, derived from two people from his past. Jason had been a close childhood friend who had died from cancer. Blain was the maiden name of his wife, the only woman he had ever loved, who had died in a car accident far too young. Both their losses had been hard for him to deal with.

About the Author:
Rick (Richard B.) Ogle was born in 1951 in Northern Ontario. This is his first appearance in the writing world. He worked for forty-five plus years as a journeyman fabricator/welder. In 1978 Rick wrote a short story titled "Storms" that turned into two books. His work always came first, so writing took the back burner. Writing of Sorcerers Reborn began in late 2000, but again work came first, so the book was not revisited until he was forced into retirement in 2013.

In 1998 Rick went back to school to learn something that would get him out of his chosen trade as a fabricator/welder. In 1999 he spent six months as an adult literacy tutor and found that was rewarding when he saw the progress each student was making. He currently holds an Adult Instructors Diploma. He completed a six-month course to obtain an A+ computer technicians' certification. He has an AutoCAD certificate in drafting and design. He instructed classes for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access at the North Cariboo Community Skills Center in Quesnel BC.

Rick is self-taught in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) code and built his website in 1998 while he was in school. He named his website "Poems and Short Stories by Richard B". That website is still going today.





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