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Self Publishing: Writing A Book and Publishing Books and Ebooks For Yourself and Others by A. William Benitez - Interview and Giveaway

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Thanks for stopping by It's Raining Books to talk with us today. First, why do you write in your genre?

My specialty is how to books related to business or work methods. I’ve written books on how to succeed financially in a woodworking business and a handyman business. I am attracted to this kind of books because I enjoy teaching others the simplest, proven methods to perform tasks and succeed. I’ve always strived to develop the quickest, simplest, and least costly method to maintain my businesses. My latest how to book is on Self Publishing and it is based on the same premise that even things that seem really complex can be simplified with the development of proven methods.

What research is required?

I do little research because I write all my books based on personal experience. My woodworking and handyman book were based entirely on over 30 years of first hand experience in those businesses. The limited research I do is to make certain that I consider any new methods that might simplify things for my readers. With my Self Publishing book I did exactly the same thing. I didn’t begin writing the book until I had successfully completed three print books and three ebooks. I know have more than a dozen print books and six ebooks.

Any odd or interesting writing quirks, habits, or superstitions.

Don’t have any superstitions but I believe in working with a detailed outline that lists every topic I want to cover in my book. After completing the outline, I organize it into the order that best suits the subject and then I began writing. Once I start writing I don’t deviate from the outline. If something comes to mind during the writing, I make a completely separate note to come back to it later but I keep moving forward until the entire thing is written. I believe it is distracting to alter your direction during the writing of the first draft. Plenty of time for that after it is finished. Then I go back and take into consideration any ideas that may have come up during the writing and add it to the draft.

Look to your right – what is sitting there?

I like a break from my workstation once in a while so when I look to my right I see my laptop sitting there waiting for me to pick it up and go to the living room, in front of the fireplace, and continue working in a casual, relaxed, and warm environment.

Anything new coming up from you? What?

I have two new books that just came out. One is a kindle book on the business of woodworking with a print version and the other is a how to on a woodworking tool known as a Biscuit Joiner that has absolutely nothing to do with the biscuits you eat. It is a specialized wood joinery tool that saves woodworkers a lot of valuable time while still delivering quality work. It is a new tool but one that is often misunderstood.

Do you have a question for our readers?

I would like to hear from anyone interested in self publishing so my question is, are you interesting in publishing your own books?

About the Author:
From age twelve I spent my summers and weekends working with my dad, a general contractor, building homes and buildings. I contracted my first home at age nineteen and built my own home by age twenty. For more than 30 years I have operated one-person businesses. Twelve years of my life were spent working for local government managing federally-assisted housing programs. I started as an inspector with a three month assignment and was Director of Community Improvement with 78 employees when I resigned to do writing and consulting.

Writing, Publishing and Consulting

During the 80’s I established Rehab Notes Library a publishing company that published a monthly newsletter (Rehab Notes) with subscribers in all 50 states, Canada and England. I also did consulting and public speaking on housing related topics for agencies and organizations in cities across the country and testified before the U.S. Congress on housing issues.

I wrote and published nine guidebooks on the subject of housing rehabilitation. After 1980 when most federal funding was pulled from housing activities, I took advantage of my construction and business experience and started a handyman and woodworking business.

Over Twenty Years of Woodworking

For over twenty years, first in Tampa, Florida and then in Austin, Texas, I built hundreds of small and large cabinet and furniture projects for individuals, companies and government agencies. During these years I began writing books about my woodworking business experiences.

Positive Publishing

In 2007 I established Positive Imaging, LLC, to publish a children’s book for my wife and then begin publishing my own books and that of other using methods I call positive publishing. To date we have published twelve paperback books, a half dozen ebooks, and presently have several books in various levels of completion.

Computer Experience

My computer experience dates back more than fifteen years and began in response to poor technical support for our computers. I used home study to acquire A+ and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Certifications.

I was born and raised in Tampa, Florida and moved to Austin, Texas in 1986, where I now live with my wife, Barbara Frances. We have three adult children, eight grand-children, and two great grandchildren.

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