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The Green-Eyed Doll by Jerrie Alexander - Virtual Tour and Giveaway

Today we're spotlighting author Jerrie Alexander on her tour with Goddess Fish Promotions for the romantic suspense novel, "The Green-Eyed Doll".

Jerrie will be awarding a $10 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC to a randomly drawn commenter at the end of each week, and a $20 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC to one randomly drawn commenter from all comments during the tour, awarded at the end of the tour, so comment today AND follow her tour (if you click on the banner above, it'll take you to a list of her tour stops)! The more you read and comment, the better your odds of winning. You could be introduced to a great new author AND win a GC!

Jerrie was incredibly brave and opted to share five deep, dark secrets with us on her stop.  The floor is yours, Jerrie!

Ooooh, you're not going to make this easy. Five things...I can do this...I trust you to keep my secrets.

1) You'd never guess by looking but every summer for the past seven years I've gone snorkeling. My daughter, granddaughter, and I, leave the husbands home to guard the home front, and we have a girls only week. The baby was seven years old when we went to Nassau, Bahamas. You'd have thought she was born with fins on her little feet. I was hooked. (no pun intended) We start our search in January, because we never go back to the same place. In Belize, I snorkeled the beautiful reef, swam with stingrays, and sharks.

2) Here's another one. Many years ago, I sang lead in a group. We performed at proms, Lions Clubs, etc. We were going to be rich and famous. One by one, we went our separate ways. Life had other plans for us. I wouldn't change a thing.

3) Most folks don't know I once lived in a house built by a famous singer. The company flew us to Newnan, Georgia, which is a beautiful city located outside of Atlanta to look for a place to lease. Moving every couple of years had us shy of buying a house. The second day, we found the perfect house with an added bonus of having a huge pool. In fact, the pool had the same square footage as the house. After we signed the dotted line, we learned that Newnan is the country singer, Alan Jackson's, home town, and he'd been the original owner. Our daughter was disappointed that he never stopped by.

4) Everything that shoots or is blown up in one of my books gets fact checked by a retired Navy SEAL. He explains how each weapon works, what to use, where to aim, etc. This young man refuses to allow me to credit him by name, insisting that he's just an average guy. He's a hero who doesn't know it!

5) I'm a cancer survivor. When my daughter was four, a pap smear revealed uterine cancer cells. I'd been blessed with a boy and girl, so the decision was made to do a hysterectomy. The cancer was caught early and hasn't returned. I can't stress the importance of well-woman exams! Like the Nike slogan says...Just Do It!

Catherine McCoy is running from her past. She's been on the move for a year, hiding the secret and guilt in her heart. When she lands in small-town Texas and meets Sheriff Matt Ballard, he ignites a flame she thought lost forever.

Matt has scars of his own. He left the big city after an undercover operation went bad and his partner was killed. Now, as Matt hunts for a serial killer who paints his victims like porcelain dolls, Catherine becomes a safe haven for him. Two tortured souls finding comfort in each other's arms—until he uncovers her secret, and their bond of trust is broken.

When Catherine disappears, Matt races to find her, fearing the murderer has found his next green-eyed doll. But the killer has a surprise coming. Catherine will fight to the death before she'll be a victim. But will her determination be enough?

His anguish, more than she’d planned for, hit her hard. His dedication and concern, traits she admired, shook her conviction that no man could be trusted. His tenderness, something she’d never had, touched a long-neglected place in her soul.

In that small space of time, where no one else in the world existed, Catherine’s heart found hope. Tears, she’d promised herself never to shed again, slid unchecked down her cheeks. But these tears weren’t because of her pain or grief. She cried because Matt suffered and grieved for the missing woman. She slid her arms around him, stroking his tense muscles.

“Hey, yourself.” He leaned back and studied her face. The warmth behind his eyes returned as he wiped away her tears with the pads of his thumbs. “Were those for me?”

She nodded and emotions swirled in her head. Catherine struggled to regain her perspective. “I have to remove no more tears from the Never list.”

“Why would you hold yourself to such a never?”

“The only thing crying gets you are red eyes.”

“Okay, tough guy. Maybe someday you’ll trust me enough to explain. Why’d you break a rule for me?”

“The worry for Annie Travers in your eyes broke my heart. I’ve never known anyone with your compassion and dedication.”

“Careful.” The corners of his mouth lifted. “You’ll be calling me John Wayne again.”

“Same soul.” She pushed a lock of black hair off his face. He caught her wrist in his hand.

“Stop, Catherine. I’m nobody’s hero. I failed miserably in that department.”

A student of creative writing in her youth, Jerrie set aside her passion when life presented her with a John Wayne husband, and two wonderful children. A career in logistics offered her the opportunity to travel to many beautiful locations in America, and she revisits them in her romantic suspense novels.

But the characters went with her, talked to her, and insisted she share their dark, sexy stories with others. She writes alpha males and kick-ass women who weave their way through death and fear to emerge stronger because of, and on occasion in spite of, their love for each other. She likes to torture people, make them suffer, and if they’re strong enough, they live happily ever after.

Jerrie lives in Texas, loves sunshine, children’s laughter, sugar (human and granulated), and researching for her heroes and heroines.


  1. Thank you for visiting with us today, Jerrie!

  2. MJ, thank you for having me! I love your blog title and header. I'll be around all day to chat with new and old friends!

  3. Thanks for sharing your secrets, Jerrie. I recall that in a previous post, you had spoken of the "girls getaway," but not that you go snorkeling or that it's a different tropical place each time. It sounds like a wonderful tradition and one that I hope you and your girls get to continue to enjoy for MANY years to come.

    1. Catherine, thanks for stopping by.

      There's nothing like seeing the ocean through a child's eyes. We've had guides bring up all sorts of things including a sea worm and she was the only one who held it!

  4. I can't thank you enough for sharing your cancer story. I am a 40 year survivor. I didn't wait when I felt a lump.
    This latest excerpt was outstanding.

    1. MomJane! I just had my mamogram earlier this week. I'm glad you caught yours early too.

  5. Great facts, GF! I can't wait to dive in the book which is on my Kindle!!!

  6. Loved the five deep, dark secrets, thank you for sharing. By the way I'm a huge Alan Jackson fan, have many of his CDs

    1. Ingeborg,MJ asked really great questions!! Alan Jackson built that house when he first made a little money. Not very bid, like 1200 sq ft! But cute as a button. We really enjoyed living there.

  7. I didn't know you were lead singer in a band!! Here I thought I knew just about everything and you keep surprising me. I sang solo in church. It's fun to find another thing we have in common!

    1. Barb, it was great fun. There's no telling what secrets I've kept hidden. :)

  8. Thanks for sharing your 5 secrets. Number 5 is the best since it is so great to get the word out about how important early detection is. My mom have been breast cancer free for over 15 years and I am thankful every day that she went in immedietly for a suspicious lump.

    fencingromein at hotmail dot com

    1. Shannon, I'm thrilled your mom is doing so well! Quick action is the key!!

      Thank you for commenting!

  9. Thanks for sharing and the chance to win!
    natasha_donohoo_8 at hotmail dot com

  10. Thank you for sharing your secrets with us! :-) I'm so glad you made it through cancer. It had to have been a really scary thing to go through...


  11. Nice post. That must have been a fun house to live in.


  12. A very interesting list of deep, dark secrets. They're out now.



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