Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Morgan K. Wyatt - Author interview and giveaway!

Today I'd like to welcome author Morgan K. Wyatt here to talk about her historical romance, "Rebel Heartsong".  She's going to give away an eBook copy of the book to one commenter today -- so make sure you leave her a message!

Thanks for stopping by, Morgan, and for being brave enough to share five things about yourself that we might never guess. The floor is yours!

Five Things

When I was small, I was convinced I could fly due to watching too much Superman. I jumped off slides, out of trees, from barn lofts, and finally a second story window. I always flew fast and downward, but never received as much as a scratch. I now leave the flying up to airline pilots.

I was one of the few women trained for combat over thirty years ago. While I excelled with the machine gun, there was an incident at the grenade range. Apparently, you throw the grenade like baseball, not a slow pitch softball. The fact women will soon be in combat means everyone has forgotten about the incident. My two sons and my daughter-in-law are in the service, having different last names has been beneficial.

When I was twenty-four, I decided to backpack across Europe. I worked two jobs to save up the money. I may have told my mother I was traveling with a group. Originally, I was supposed to be traveling with my best friend. When the time came, she couldn’t get off from work, so I traveled alone. Every day I had to decide where I was heading and what I would do. It was both a scary and amazing six weeks.

I answered a submission call from Secret Cravings to write a cougar romance novella about a year and half ago. Since then, I have written four cougar romances, one weekend short, four historical romances, and a contemporary romantic suspense for SCP. I am very thankful for a publisher who took a chance on me. I have extreme appreciation for a great editor, and a talented cover artist.

Finally, my husband and I flew to Vegas to marry. We were married in the Graceland Wedding Chapel with an Elvis impersonator. We danced while Elvis sang Love Me Tender. Our story and photo will be in the April Ladies Home Journal in the Backstory section, or are least that was the agreement I signed. I don’t think I’ll believe until I see it.

Townsend Audley as heir to the biggest planation in Beufort County was also the biggest marital prize. Life was good at least it was before the war. After the Civil War devalued Confederate money, and stripped their plantation, Townsend became a not so great catch. The only person who stands by him is Yvette, a mulatto companion to his sisters. She jokes she stayed only to watch over him, which she does, quite well. He can’t remember a time the beautiful servant hasn’t taken care of him, almost like a wife. He’s lucky to have Yvette, but someday some man would steal her away. The thought enrages him. He’s unwilling to live without her by his side. Does she feel the same way? If she does, how will they manage when the law declares their love taboo?

Morgan as a child had to suffer through movies with clueless heroines rescued by smart men. Her mother dutifully read her stories where princesses waited for princes to jumpstart their lives. There were no proactive female role models in the media at that time, with the exception of Wonder Woman. It is for this reason, and that it is fun, Morgan writes about strong women going after what they want.

She has a blog about dating after forty on

Morgan pinches pennies on her blog; www.

She also reviews book for Novelspot and blogs about writing at:



  1. Hello, Morgan,

    You are full of surprises! Looking forward to that issue of LHJ.

  2. Hi Angela,

    Me too, I am not sure I'll believe it until I get the magazine or check. I am hoping for both. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hi Liz,
    I love your stories and blogs. Thanks for commenting.

  4. What an amazing list of 5 things.

    REBEL HEARTSONG looks fabulous.



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