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That Girl Started Her Own Country by Holy Ghost Writer - Virtual Tour and Giveaway

Today we're spotlighting Holy Ghost Writer on her tour with Goddess Fish Promotions for "the Girl Started Her Own Country".

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A thrilling tale of wrongful-imprisonment, international intrigue and one brave young woman’s fight to free herself from injustice. Meet the beautiful, witty and intelligent Zaydee, aka Princess Jane Doe, as she plays an increasingly complex game of cat and mouse with her captors to free herself from their shackles.

(Chapter 12: CODIS)

Later in July.

Back in the 1990s the FBI initiated its DNA database known as the Combined DNA Index System, or CODIS. With more than ten million profiles, CODIS, which gathers DNA from crime scenes, suspects and convicted criminals has solved 143,000 cases. Every six months the Federal Bureau of Prisons takes a DNA sample from those prisoners not already sampled. At FDC Miami that constituted most of the prisoners, as it is a facility that houses prisoners facing trial, sentencing or awaiting transfer to their designated prison.

Prisoner Princess Jane Doe noticed five federal employees that she hadn’t seen enter before enter her wing. The guard yelled, “Lock-up! Everyone return to their assigned cells, now!”

Looking out her window, she noticed two or three prisoners being let out to sit in the common area with one heading to the counselor’s office to where the five federal employees disappeared.

“What do you make of this lockdown, Cellie,” Jane Doe asked Laura Holmes.

“Either they are investigating criminal activity or a series 100 violation involving one of us; but I think we would have got wind of that. It could be they want to swab our mouths for DNA.”

The thought of a government taking her DNA upset Zaydee. “Shit, how can I get out of that”, she inadvertently said out loud. Her mind raced, ‘It might have something to do with my hacking through the prison computers as an administrator with the computers down since yesterday, supposedly for system upgrade.’

“If you refuse they will either put you in the SHU or restrain you to get their way.” Just then the guard unlocked their door and pointed to the lower level. “Wait down there for your name to be called.”

“Princess Doe”, another guard shouted.

She entered the counselor’s office and said, “I have not been convicted of any crime, therefore I am exempt from your sample collection requirements.”

“We can send you to the SHU or forcibly extract your DNA,” the middle-aged federal agent with the graying buzz-cut said in a deep Floridian drawl.

It dawned on Zaydee that the middle-aged man was no low-level, federal employee.

“I know my rights, if you violate them, the judge and the press may not be amused.”

“No problem, we can get an order from the judge, then what will you do?”

About the author: Who is The Holy Ghost Writer? The mystery of the identity of the author is part of an international contest. The first person to discover the identity of the HG Writer, from the clues found in the Count of Monte Cristo sequels, will receive a reward of $1000. Write to in order to win this reward along with letting us know the clues that led you to discovering the identity of the author. Should you wish your discovery to be known in the press, that opportunity will also be afforded. Those that already know the author or have worked with him/her will not qualify. Good luck.



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