Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Trust Me by Nora LeDuc - Book Review and Giveaway

(Romantic Suspense)

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Ela Danforth seeks sanctuary in the small town of Rockypoint, New Hampshire, where she believes her days will return to normal, until a mysterious stalker threatens her refuge, just as a charming lawyer, Nash McCain, enters her life.

My Review:

I fell in love with Nash in the first few lines -- it's obvious he's a good guy, caring and fun and interesting. Nora LeDuc should be commended for her skilled character creation. From the moment we meet each character, we get to know them well, without having descriptions shoved down our throats.

The story starts up with a bang... a car being forced off the road and down an embankment.  From that moment on, it's a page turner.  It's not that the action is constant, but there's this edge of worry that seasons all the interactions in the story.  Ela is a good woman in difficult circumstances who's been betrayed by the people she trusted and loved, and she's trying her best to take care of her flighty (and occasionally annoying) younger sister, Suz, all the while having someone stalking and threatening her.

She wants to trust Nash.  And I want her to, too.  I really fell for him and his daughter. They're such a great team.  But I also understood why she struggled with believing he was who he appeared to be.  Nash falls a bit more quickly, and when he understands she's being threatened, he's determined to protect her.

I admit I struggled to like Suz. I think I was supposed to, but she felt so incredibly selfish and thoughtless and it made her a character I couldn't enjoy. Still, as things progress, and I wondered what Suz was involved in and whether she had something to do with Ela's troubles, it certainly made her a believable suspect (along with many others).  Honestly, just like Ela, we don't know who to trust.

The romance was sweet and really touched my heart. They both have suffered loss in the past, so their relationship was that much sweeter.  And the author did a great job weaving the romance into the suspense. Neither is lacking and it's an exciting, sweet, fast-paced book.

4.5 flowers - This was a very good book! I'd recommend it to my friends.

Enjoy an excerpt:

As for Nash, she’d experienced gratitude mixed with a touch of infatuation since he’d saved Suz’s life. He’d been the hero of the evening. His hazel eyes surfaced in her mind and refused to leave. They had been different. They were full of curiosity, compassion and—

Her phone rang. Splitting her concentration between her musings and the incoming call, she dug out the cell from her pocket.

“The Lord will punish the world for their evil, and the wicked for their iniquity. You must repent and forgive or you will suffer—”

She hit the off button. Her body shook. If her mind hadn’t been in overdrive, she’d never have answered without checking the caller ID. What should she do now? What would he do next?

About the Author: Nora LeDuc lives in New England with her family. TRUST ME is her 12th published book. She loves to watch the daily Headline News Channel with all the latest on crimes. Currently she is working away on her next novel of murder and love. Please visit her website or visit her on Facebook. She loves to meet new friends.

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