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Call to Honor by Tawny Weber

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If you could apologize to someone in your past, who would it be?

I’m pretty good with apologies and at giving them in the right timeframe, so I can’t think of anyone from my past that I’d want to apologize to. I should probably apologize to my husband a few dozen times for getting so caught up with writing that I forgot to make dinner, but that’s not the past. Well, it was yesterday, so maybe that counts?

If you could keep a mythical/ paranormal creature as a pet, what would you have?

I’d love to have either a dragon. One that flew and would take me for rides. It’d be amazing, way better than a car. The cleanup probably wouldn’t be so fun, though.

How do you keep your writing different from all the others that write in this particular genre?

That’s a great question, and a tough to answer since I don’t read other books in my specific sub-genre. It's so easy to be influenced by anything we read, whether it’s a character, a storyline or even a name, so I actively avoid reading other SEAL or military romances. Which means I can’t tell you how my books are different, except that maybe they are very strongly told in my voice. The humor, the strong heroes, the message of loyalty and the way I try to empower my heroines is pretty consistent in all of my books and while that’s probably not unique to me, I’d like to think the way I wrap it all together is.

What are the best and worst pieces of writing advice you ever received?

The best piece of advice I remember being given was to be true to my voice. My first editor was really wonderful about helping me see exactly what made my voice unique and how to focus bringing that writing style out in my books. The worst advice I can remember was the suggestion to write to the market. In other words, to figure out what the hottest trend was and write that. I’ve never been able to do that –first because I am lousy at spotting trends until they are one their way out. And second, because too often it would conflict with that first piece of advice.

Are the experiences in this book based on someone you know, or events in your own life?

No. Everything in CALL TO HONOR is purely fictional. I’ve never been able to base my characters on real life people or even on actors because my creative brain just won’t go there. Real life people are already who they are, they have their own lives, their own loves, their own issues.

“No man left behind” is inscribed in the DNA of every SEAL and Lieutenant Diego Torres is no exception. But with a team member killed—and the body missing— Diego’s honor is sorely tested. Now his career and reputation are on the line, and a traitor is hiding among them. Diego wants answers...and only one woman has them.

Single mom Harper Maclean has two priorities—raising her son Nathan and starting a new life. Her mysterious new neighbor may be impossibly charming, but Diego asks too many questions about her past—and about the father of her child. Questions she fears will reveal her burning attraction for Diego, and ultimately put them all in danger’s path.

Read an Excerpt:

Harper’s frown intensified. All of this dating and sex talk was stupid. All it did was stir up thoughts of Brandon, bad memories and hurt feelings. And like anything to do with Brandon Ramsey, the second one thought occurred, a million followed. He was the poster boy for taking a mile when an inch was all she’d offered.

No more, she ordered herself. He wasn’t a part of her now, and her past was over.

“Registered letter for one Mr. Nathan Ramsey, care of Harper Maclean,” Andi said, coming back waving a large envelope. “Who’d get his name wrong?”

The bowl of cleaned berries suddenly shaking in her hands, Harper set it on the bar with care and stared. Her chest hurt. She couldn’t think for the buzzing in her ears.


Harper’s heart raced so fast, it tripped over itself. How was that possible? Why would Brandon contact Nathan? As far as he knew, she’d followed his instructions to end the pregnancy. How did he know she’d had the baby? How did he know Nathan’s name? Had he always known?

The air locked in Harper’s chest, vicious and tight, cutting off her breath, sending shards of pain knifing through her.

Why was he contacting her? Contacting Nathan? Was he going to try to get custody?

Or had his parents gotten wind of unaccounted Ramsey DNA and tracked down their heir apparent?

Harper looked toward the stairs with a desperate gaze. She should get Nathan. They should go. Now.

As soon as she thought that, Harper squared her shoulders.

To hell with that. Nathan was her son. This was her home. She’d be damned if Brandon or his rich parents were going to screw with either.

Still, her hand trembled so much as she took the letter that she dropped it onto the marble countertop as if it were on fire.

“Harper,” Andi moaned. “You’re killing me. Open. Open. Open.”

Knowing Andi would keep it up until she did, she huffed out a hot breath. Sliding her thumbnail under the flap, Harper reluctantly tugged the paper out.

She noted the official-looking insignia and the fancy lettering denoting it to be from Admiral H. M. Cree, Special Ops commander.

Her brow creased as she read.

The room narrowed, and all the air disappeared. The words spun into a swirling blur of black on white. She needed to sit down. But she managed only a single step before her legs gave out and she sank to the floor, the letter clutched in her hands.

“What is it?” Instead of pulling her back up, Andi dropped down next to her, gathering Harper into her arms. She tried to read the paper, but Harper couldn’t let it go. “Sweetie, what does it say?”

“He’s dead,” Harper murmured, her voice sounding as if it were coming from the other end of a long tunnel. “Brandon is dead.”

About the Author:
New York Times and USA TODAY Bestselling author of more than forty books, Tawny Weber loves writing about sexy heroes, most notably her popular Navy SEALs series. Her sassy, emotional romances are filled with men dedicated to being the best—and women determined to have the best. Tawny credits her ex-military alpha husband for inspiration in her writing, and in her life. The recipient of numerous writing accolades, including Romantic Times Reviewers Choice and in addition to the NY Times and USA Today bestseller lists, Tawny has also hit the number one spot on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

A homeschooling mom, Tawny enjoys scrapbooking, gardening and spending time with her family and dogs in her Northern California home.

You can find Tawny on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.


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