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Conduct Unbecoming of a Gentleman by Wareeze Woodson - Interview and Giveaway

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A special thanks to Wareeze for stopping by today and answering our questions. First, why do you write in this genre? What draws you to it?

At this time, I write historical romance, Regency at present, because I love history, and I enjoy reading about things that happened long ago. My imagination takes flight, and I land in that time. In the third grade, I remember my first history lesson. I marveled at the adventures Lewis and Clarke (real people-boy, oh boy) had while trekking into the wilderness to survey and explore the land. I was fascinated. Now I’m hooked. For me history has an element of make-believe as well. No one living today was actually there, so some boundaries can be fudged, entering into the realm of pretend.

What research is required?

The Regency world is a fact, but research must be done to draw a picture of what life was like back in those days. The rules of society, the laws that governed the people—rich and poor alike, while attitudes as well as language spoken color or flavor each story. The reader should recognize a different setting separate from today and be drawn into another place. I’ve discovered that people are still people today as in the 1800s. We love, we hate, we grieve, and we cuss or pray. We have desires, wants, needs, and we love our families. Human nature, for good or evil remains with us, and is covered by what we perceive as civilized.

Name one thing you learned from your hero/heroine.

Like my heroine, Laurel, one should never give up. Her son’s new guardian was against her, believing her to be an unfit mother. The law was against her assigning all the power to the guardian, Lord Adron. Her sister-in-law was against her, jealous and complaining, but against all odds, Laurel fought on to be with her young son.

The hero, Lord Adron, is a tougher nut to crack. Described numerous times as a jerk, I watched him grow from the total autocrat, demanding and intolerant, to a man willing to give all for love. Did it work in his favor? Of course not!

Do you have any odd or interesting writing quirks, habits or superstitions?

I suppose many would consider it odd that I write in scenes before knitting them together. I started one novel at the ending scene and wrote back to the beginning from there. Now I usually start at the beginning and progress forward—but not always.

Are you a plotter or pantser?

I suppose the answer to the above question sort of answers that. I’m more of a pantser. However, after I get going, I stop and plot for a while. Both work for me. Truth be told, I think I like pantser better with a brief plot laid out—sometimes. My characters don’t always want to follow a plot.

Look to your right – what’s sitting there?

A wall with the framed acceptance letter I received for my first published book, Conduct Unbecoming of a Gentleman. I not certain how "of" arrived in the title, but oh well! I wanted to say something besides well, but I refrained. I love, love, love having my first book published.

Anything new coming up from you? What?

My second novel, An Enduring Love, will be released in 2014. Here is a brief blurb.

Born and raised in Latvia, Rebecca Balodis marries Rhys Sudduth, an English diplomat. Shortly thereafter, he is summoned home to attend his father’s death-bed. Rebecca cannot accompany him at the time and becomes trapped in the turmoil plaguing her country. He is informed she died in the upheaval.

Nearly four years later, she escapes and arrives in London with their son in tow. Arriving in the middle of his sister’s ball is very awkward, especially since Rhys plans to announce his betrothal to a young debutant later in the evening.

Trouble, tangled in suspense and danger, follow her from Latvia. Can this pair ever find or even recognize an enduring love? Is it worth keeping?

Do you have a question for our readers?

What would you do if it seemed the world was against you? Would you throw up your hands and give up, or would you fight? If someone tried to separate you from your child, would you merely accept the situation or try to change the circumstances? Would you give up hope or always search for a glimmer in the darkness? Would you kill to save your child?

Enjoy this excerpt from Conduct Unbecoming of a Gentleman:

His voice floated down to her. “Are you or the child injured?”

“I think several scrapes and bruises at most.” Laurel trembled and brushed her bonnet out of her face. She heard his quick intake of breath.

“You’re positive? You must have taken quite a tumble when the coach overturned. Possibly you’re more injured than you know.”

“Only a little shaken.” She took a deep, calming breath then continued with more force. “I’m certain we’re both fine.”

He hesitated and exhaled deeply. “A damsel in distress then. Do you perhaps have a name?”

Authority rang in his voice. She clutched Jamie a little tighter and offered him a tremulous smile. “Laurel Jane Laningham. Thank you for coming to our rescue.” She shaded her eyes with one hand, waiting for him to return the introduction.

“Let’s get you out of there. Hand me the boy first.”

He reached down into the overturned coach and Laurel lifted Jamie above her head into the waiting arms of the stranger. Her rescuer leapt to the ground with her son. A chill of foreboding curled around her. He’d said the boy. An unknown man shouldn’t know the child was a male. With every one of her senses alert, she listened intently for the stranger to return. Saddle leather squeaked and the thunder of hooves struck the ground in retreat.

Laurel screamed, “Bring my son back. I’ll see you hanged for this, you blackguard. Come back here. Help. Driver, help me.”

About the Author:
I am a native Texan and still live in the Houston area. I married by high school sweetheart, and after raising 4 children, they blessed up with 8 grandchildren. AND after all these years, we still love each other. True romance is happy ever after.

Twitter: @wareeze

Recently widowed Lady Laurel Laningham flees Landings to escape her untenable position. Alone now and at the mercy of her sister-in-law, she decides to nestle under her aunt’s wings for a spell. To add to her burdens, her young son’s new guardian, Lord Adron Gladrey, has announced his intentions to take complete charge of his ward. The killer is stalking her and a devious jewel thief is stealing the family jewels. Can she convince her son’s guardian she is not a dangerous lunatic and is perfectly capable of raising her son or will he always consider her untrustworthy as a mother to his ward? Will his stubborn blindness send her straight into the path of the murderer, or will he relent in time to save her from following her husband into the grave?
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