Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Scourge by Charley Pearson

We welcome Charley Pearson who is celebrating today's release of Scourge.

Five Things You Might Not Guess About Charley Pearson

Ooh, evil request. I love it. Okay, let’s see.

1) On my first day of first grade, they let us out for recess in the morning. They hadn’t explained the concept, so I presumed it was lunchtime. Being a loner, I didn’t pay much attention to the other kids playing, and walked home. But my mom was out shopping. So I wandered around in circles in the front yard singing the theme song to TV’s Wyatt Earp at the top of my lungs until someone showed up and explained I should still be in school. To this day, my brother and sister think it’s hilarious. And no, I do not remember the words to that song.

2) In junior high (a.k.a. middle school, nowadays) I once ran for student council. We all had to give short speeches to the student body in a vain attempt to garner votes. I made the mistake of thinking this was about competence and willingness to serve, so I threw out such irrelevancies as my grades. Never occurred to me it was about popularity, and nerds hadn’t a prayer. Darn good thing I didn’t win—I’d have had no clue how to fit in.

3) During college I participated in the second march on Washington, D.C., to protest the Vietnam War and the draft. After the government responded to the pressure, got us out, and ended the draft, I responded in turn by volunteering for the Navy and spending thirty-some years working for them. Gotta support a system that allows me to protest when I like. Who knows? I may be the only Vietnam protester who admitted to once trying marijuana on his security clearance forms, vacationed for three weeks in the Soviet Union at the height of detente, and then spent a career with the military.

4) When my daughters were taking ballet, the studio roped some of us dads into being ushers. Then working backstage building sets. Then donning tuxedos and serving as mobile scenery during Nutcracker performances. Then helping the senior girls learn some basic partnering steps. So eventually, five us dared and out-dared each other enough to start taking ballet ourselves. For several years. Until we got to the intermediate level, anyway. So yes, I learned ballet, and we all lost weight and got in way better shape. And it was fun. So there.

5) Come on, do I really have to do five? Mumble. Well, I’m a cancer survivor, prostate cancer being sort of the male equivalent of breast cancer except either less deadly or more treatable. ’Twould be even better if more men were willing to talk about it and get regular PSA screening. Anyway, it’s not slowed me down. I’ve taken up tennis after a few decades of playing only once a year, and improved so much I’ve gone from atrocious to terrible to bad to the point where I’m now only extremely dubious. Woo-hoo!

Finally, I am a very private person who would never actually reveal deep dark secrets like these to the general pub...er...wait.... Hey, how do you block and delete stuff, again?

Fine, I’m stuck with these responses. Hope they fulfill your request, because there’s absolutely nothing else about me that’s the least bit embarrassing. Really. Promise. (You believe me, don’t you?)

Financially independent, biochemistry genius Stacy Romani grows up off the grid, while her Roma family takes advantage of her knowledge for their own gain.

Watching his family farm struggle, and traumatized by mass slaughter, Aatos Pires wants to heal animals but gets seduced by industry and goes to work for a big pharmaceutical company.

When Aatos’ co-worker Trinity creates a deadly doomsday virus, it puts the world population in jeopardy as it spreads exponentially. . .with no cure in sight.

Stacy and Aatos work alone to find a cure, as the CDC and FBI close in. Will they find a way to stop the plague or will it be the end of the world?

About the Author:
Charley Pearson started in chemistry and biology, then moved on to bioengineering, so the Navy threw in some extra training and made him a nuclear engineer. This actually made sense when his major task turned out to be overseeing chemical and radiological environmental remediation at Navy facilities after the end of the Cold War, releasing them for unrestricted future use. Now he writes fiction.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WNCAuthor
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CharleyPearson
Website: http://charleypearson.com/

FIERY SEAS BOOKSTORE: https://www.fieryseaspublishing.com/product-page/scourge
AMAZON: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GCP736M/
BARNES & NOBLE: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/scourge-charley-pearson/1129276320?ean=2940161934647
KOBO: https://www.kobo.com/gr/en/ebook/scourge-12

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