Thursday, June 21, 2012

Virtual Book Tour and Spotlight on Isabella: Protector of the Last Dragon by M. Anthony Phillips

We're pleased to welcome M. Anthony Phillips on his tour with Pump Up Your Book. His book, Isabella: Protector of the Last Dragon is being featured today.

Isabella Treehorn, a lonely 12 year old girl of mixed heritage, befriends a formally frozen celestial dragon by the name of Tianlong, who tells her she's the descendant of a 16th Century Jade Princess, and that she must go on a long journey to help him find its mate in the frozen Mongolian mountains while being sought by the demons that destroyed his kingdom.

About the author: M. Anthony Phillips is a native of St. Louis and studied writing and history at Harris Stowe University. M. Anthony is an avid historian and reader of fine literature of fiction and non-fictional books. This is M. Anthony’s third novel with a sequel to follow with hopes of becoming a full time novelist. M. Anthony resides in St. Louis and Los Angeles where he loves acting as a SAG member, practicing martial arts, writing screenplays, and living the life of a modern day renaissance man.

Find him at his author page on Amazon.

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